Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Darby checks in...

Darby wrote in from Ohio to say hi and offer some advice on flooding the carbs:

I just picked up a 71 r5b for 500 bucks. Sadly, it wasn't as nice as yours, but it is at least a 1 kick starter. If you find yourself in ohio or closer to the state line sometime we'll have to go for a ride. excellent site by the way. it's probably the best and I would say maybe only r5 dedicated site out there. Keep it up! I was planning on doing almost exactly what you have done to your bike so it's been great seeing my bike the way it could be. It's nice to be able to go somewhere and get some motivation. I noticed your post about flooding out the carbs and I do the same darn thing now and then. I hate it when I forget to switch the petcock to off. I just got my baby to start again today after fiddling all day long. Black sludge and gas everywhere, smoking to beat the band... oh well, at least it finally kicked over. The fastest way to fix it is to either push it in 2nd gear for a while then kick it till you hear the carb sucking air when you turn the throttle OR if you REALLY flooded it over a couple of days (what I just did. We're talking a gallon of gas in carbs, engine and pipes) loosen the screws under the carbs and dump out the float bowls THEN start your kicking. Either way it's a nightmare. I'd like to think I won't do it again, but I'm sure absent mindedness will get me eventually. I'm rambling on.... awesome site is my point.

Congrats on the bike, and thanks for the kind comments, Darby!

It's funny, I really didn't set out to make this an R5 resource, as I really don't know all that much about the bike, or motorcycles in general. This is my first ever motorcycle, and I just wanted to catalog the process of resuscitating the bike and sprucing her up a bit. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would, so now that it's (more or less) finished, I just pop stuff up here from time to time... I'm glad it's helping and motivating some people!

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