Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Follow @YamahaR5 on Twitter!

Finally got around to putting together a Twitter account for the blog. Here I'd like to post items of interest that might not warrant a full post, or just keep you guys updated in a more timely fashion.

Just head on over to http://twitter.com/YamahaR5, follow @YamahaR5 and drop a note to say hello!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Paul's Netherlands Cafe Racer

Paul writes in to share his creations:

Hi, I'm Paul van Vessem and I live in the Netherlands, Europe.
I have restored an Yamaha R5 of 1970. It took me 3 years, because there are no nos-parts available. When I was finished I had a lot of parts left.

So I decided to build a caferacer.

Engine,case/gearbox RD six speed. Cilinders R5, modified. KN filter, DG pipes etc.

It only needs to be painted. It runs great.

Wish you lots of succes with your site.

Thanks, Paul. Great job on both of them!

Friday, September 17, 2010

R5C Service Manual For Sale

Ward from Burbank California wrote in offering an original Yamaha R5C workshop manual for sale. He's looking for $20. Interested parties, please contact him here.

Jesse's R5 Project - Tips and Questions


Jesse in Pittsburg writes in to show us his progress, share a few things, and ask some questions:

Hi Lawrence,

After a long hiatus, I'm back to working on my R5C project. I've got the bike stripped down to the frame, as you can see here:


I've made a list of items that are going for powder coating and painting (see attached). I wonder if anyone can add to the list? Did I forget anything? If you want, post this list on your site. It might be helpful for others doing a frame-up restoration. You may also want to post the PDF copy of the parts catalog that I found (also attached).

Please also ask whether anyone has advice for removing the steering lock from the frame. I've drilled out the rivet but the lock still won't slide out (see photos at the link above). Is there some trick to getting it out? I'm hoping it won't be necessary to drill the lock to pieces to get it out!

Thanks Jesse! I'm sure some folks will find this useful:
R5_powder_paint.xlsx (40k Excel doc)
R5_R5B_R5C_Parts_Catalog.pdf (484k PDF)

As for the fork lock, I'm not sure how that's held in... It's not very well illustrated in any of the diagrams I have (see links at right). Anyone?

RD 6-speed swap

Received an interesting question from Cale out of Amarillo, Texas:


I've been enjoying your R5 blog... Good stuff, man.

I keep hearing about upgrading the R5 transmission to a 6-speed out of an RD. I'm due for a transmission rebuild on my R5C, and I'm wondering if I just need RD internals, or a complete RD case for the upgrade. Maybe you can shed some light on this. I can't seem to find any information on the subject other than that it's a wise swap.

Thanks for all the good reading and pictures.

As far as I've heard, it's pretty much plug and play. I don't have any experience with the conversion... can anyone shed more light on the subject?

Chris "Rooster" Reagan Update

Hello again, Chris "Rooster" Reagan here from Nashville tn. I'm writing to update on my r5 project(I had wrote in last year about the then pending project, I had soon there after broken my wrist whilst test riding a cb cafe bike then forgot to get back to you) here is a pick of final mock up, my complements the reading chair quite nice I think. The tank is one from a 76 xs500, the seat is my old Harley sportster tank hacked in twine by my buddy. Nut and bolt resto, everything blasted sanded painted powdered or shined. Medium port job, Pretty standard running gear otherwise. She's gonna b a beaut can't wait to retire the Harley for the rest of the season and shake down my yamahama mama. Finished picks will follow if I can decide on a color scheme, thinking reverse 70's Robert's livery (black with yellow checkers). I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks for the site, your fellow R fanatic, Rooster Reagan