Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Reader Mail

Hi, my name is Rob from Minnesota. I just wanted to tell you how excellent the web site is for these bikes from the past. Most people have forgot them and info has been very hard to find 'til now. Good job on this and great info.

Thanks so much, Rob!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duplicate Keys?

Laura from Fishtown writes in:

Have you ever gone about getting an extra key made by anyone?

Good question... No I have not. Has anyone else had to go through the process?

I've been able to locate NOS keys cut to match the code listed on the original key (if you still have one) or from the ignition or steering lock:

- - sells NOS and blanks
- looking on Ebay finds bunch of people selling precut keys (for example)

Hope that helps. Anyone out there have any information or experience to share?

UPDATE: Andrew wrote in with this good suggestion:

Just stumbled across the site and saw your most recent post about lost keys, i think i may be able to help. A few months ago i ended up losing both the keys to my 75' xs650b which led me to frantically start searching for replacements or what i hoped wouldn't be the only option, a new ignition. I ended up coming across which is run by John Blakenship out of California. Send him a copy of your title, license, and the 4 digit code, which will typically be stamped right on top of the lock (very common on bikes of this vintage) and he'll send out as many copies as you want. I ordered two keys and had them shipped priority, total bill was $35, not bad and they work perfectly. He's an easy guy to deal with and very honest, a great example of the type of mom and pop approach thats rapidly disappearing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Philip wrote in with this eBay link...


Just wanted to let everyone know that I've set up a new official URL for the site: YAMAHAR5.COM.

I'm sorry if you experienced some downtime this afternoon while everything was changing over. Old links should redirect here, but please note the new address and update your bookmarks accordingly.

This is the first step of a major site overhaul, so keep your eyes peeled for future updates!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


That's right, kids. It's a sad day, but I'm moving and losing the garage space I've enjoyed these past couple of years... so it's time to let someone else enjoy the old stinker.

You can go back through the archives on this site to see the progress and effort put into getting this bike up to snuff... but here's a short recap of the highlights:

3,000 original miles when purchased. 4,480 miles currently. The bike was found in storage where it was parked for 25 years. It has a small dent on the gas tank which happened at some point in storage, otherwise it is in excellent condition. Serviced by licensed HD-approved motorcycle mechanic. The color is metallic orange and black. The bike comes with the original owner's manual and complete original toolkit, as well as period shop manual. Everything in great shape - no exterior rust, no dry rot, no cut wires, 99% original.

What's been modified:
- Clubman bars
- Raask drilled aluminum rearsets
- bent kickstart lever (to clear rearsets)
- NOS dental mirrors, both sides

All original parts retained. Many extras, such as Napoleon bar-end mirrors, period sissybar, oil tank, sidecover, etc. Matching frame/engine numbers. About $1000 put into restoration. Needs new battery (which is on order).

See more photos along the right-hand side of this site.

I'm located in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia, and as the bike isn't running currently (working on getting a battery) I'd prefer to show locally, but I'm open to offers and suggestions...

Feel free to email me with any questions, and please forward this on to anyone you know who might be interested.