Thursday, August 31, 2006

Metro Racing

My friend Brian forwarded me this link the other day. Metro Racing makes some great stuff, from T-shirts to restoration decals. There's a good bit of Yamaha kit on there too - check it out!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Confederate strikes again

Again, going a little off-topic, but this one is just too good to not post about. Confederate is back with a striking new design called the Renovatio:

Conceived by the leader of our conceptual design team, Mr. Ed Jacobs, the motorcycle is at once primitive, bohemian, and yet highly technical. She is skeletal, i.e. she showcases human crafts work. The machine is minimal ; using the fewest pieces, moving parts and systems to accomplish her dynamic mission. She is uncompromised, light weight, possesses enormous torque, is capable of extreme performance, yet has maximum real world streetable active safety. She is graceful in motion, yet potentially brutal. She exudes inner beauty through absolute follow through of truth of concept. She has great proportions, holistic brand gestalt, is original, impactful, alluring and elegant. The Driving concept was the creation of a conceptually flexible foundation to allow a place for growth and further iteration. A utilitarian modular flexible foundation.


Monday, August 21, 2006

MV Agusta Sets Bonneville Land Speed Record

I know this isn't really about Yamaha, or 2-strokes, or vintage bikes, but it's cool, and they're local. From a press release by MV Agusta USA, here in PA:
The 2007 MV Agusta F4-1000R raced across the salt flats during the 58th Annual Bonneville National Speedweek land speed trials (August 12-18, 2006) and into the Southern California Timing Association record books as the fastest production class 1000cc motorcycle in the world with an average combined speed of 185.882 MPH (299.148 KPH) and a highest single speed of 187.726 MPH (302.116 KPH).

A collaboration between Team Manager, Bob Leppan of TT Motorcycles, Rider Roosevelt ‘Rosey’ Lackey, Tuner Eraldo Ferracci of Fast By Ferracci Racing Products, Primary Sponsor, Gary Kohs, of Fine Art Models, and Matthew Stutzman, MV Agusta GM, the group focused their efforts on attaining the Land Speed Record for the 1000cc Production Engine / Production Frame (P-P) class previously set at 182.759 MPH. The 1000cc “P-P” record is particularly desirable as it based upon unmodified “showroom stock” production models available at any authorized dealer.

Throughout the qualifying runs, the F4-1000R showcased its renowned high speed stability while delivering a factory rated 174 HP and 81.8 ft./lb. of torque to the Utah Salt Flats, propelling the motorcycle unerringly to the very limits of traction and aerodynamics. Veteran rider Roosevelt 'Rosey' Lackey, who piloted the F4-1000R on its record run said that “the bike is so beautiful, it does everything you could want for it to do, with nothing ill at all in any way shape or form, no hiccups anywhere. I love that motorcycle just the way it is.”

The Bonneville effort is yet another step in the contemporary MV Agusta brand’s return to organized racing and complements emerging efforts in both Europe and the United States. Cagiva USA, Inc., the official North American importer of MV Agusta, has set its sights on AMA homologation for Superstock in 2007, and CEO Larry Ferracci notes that “with a performance like this at its Bonneville debut, the MV Agusta F4-1000R is proving to be the platform that will bring MV Agusta’s historic championship-winning success to US racetracks in the very near future.”

For more information and photographs, please contact Matthew Stutzman via e-mail at or by telephone at 215-830-3300 ext.160.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

In-Lock Security Device

UK designer John Wrightson has designed this brilliant security device for your bicycle or motorcycle:
In-Lock is a locking point for any Mountain Bike or Motorbike while at an outdoor event or camping. In-Lock's main aim is to deter any opportunist thief.

In-Lock works by having the pin screw into soft ground and it then cannot be pulled out. The hole in the main body of In-Lock allows a lock or chain of any shape or design to be used to secure a Mountain Bike or Motorbike of any make or model.

In lock is essentially a NI-CR-MO pin which runs right through an impact modified Polypropylene main body. The NI-CR-MO pin is the same material used on locks and chains currently used within many security products currently on the market. The polypropylene body alerts people that the Mountain bike or Motorbike is secured by the use of bright colour and provides extra protection to the pin.

Although this is just a design thesis, the idea is great, especially for use with lighter motorcycles like the R5 or RD, or dirtbikes. Sometimes there's just nothing to secure the bike, or you don't have a chain long enough to go around that pole or tree. This little device is ingenious and I hope to see it make it to production.

Via Coolhunter.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Motortopia Featured Bike

My R5 has recently been featured on the Bikes section of Motortopia (see previous post about the site). Here's their short writeup:
This really nice 1972 Yamaha R5C is owned by Motortopia member lotoole3. Be sure to check out his photo album, and the link to his weblog detailing the entire restoration.

Here are links to the Feature and to my R5 profile.

Thanks guys!

Friday, August 4, 2006

R5 Clay Model

Check out this great archive photo of a clay mockup of the (then unreleased) R5.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Puma Motorcycle Footwear

Puma, makers of all things hip for feet, have some pretty cool options for riders with their Brutale RR and 750 motorcycle boots:

Brutale RR (pictured above left) - With its motobike story PUMA sets a new benchmark in the world of motorsport footwear. Being a direct visual takedown of a specialist boot the Brutale RR reveals its heritage right away. Although a lifestyle product the boot offers enough soft protection to make you the coolest looking biker in town. $150.

750 (pictured above right) - Moto 1000 takes the next step with a '75 vintage racing collection. The 750 is a visual eye catcher. Full grain leather fingers on the medial forefoot are stylish and functional elements to highlight its motobike relation and to provide soft protection. Also available in Cactus Green. $150.