Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mandarin Orange Paint Code

Paul writes in with a frequently asked question:

Hi. I am restoring an R5 and came across your thread. You mentioned House of Kolor paint but in regards to mandarin orange I didn't read what orange from House of Kolor you used? Can you let me in on this color?

Good question! I've gotten a bunch of email from others looking for the orange metallic paint that's used on the R5... see these documents:

1971 R5B (656k PDF) - Mandarin Orange over white
1972 R5C (756k PDF) - Mandarin Orange over black

Well, after rooting around a little on the internet, I found a discussion about this very topic:

There are no codes! House of Kolor has paint that will get you there. Here is a link:

I have restored many early Yamahas and the orange you need is a candy shot over a silver base (fine grain). Black is black as long as all the black body parts are the same black. I've gotten a dead-on match to this color on my '71 R5 and I've matched the candy red on my '65 YDS3 and the candy blue on my '66 YM1 using these paints. The color varies depending on how soft or heavy you spray it on. That's how candies work, all the metalics are in the base coat and the color coat is translucent so more = darker. I hope this helps. Ed

So there you have it... there is no easy one-step solution. And, I'm not sure which HoK orange best matches the Yamaha mandarin orange.

However, I have found an outfit that is offering paint kits for all hard-to-find vintage Japanese bike colors, called Marbles Motors:

I am offering paint kits for the early 70's Hondas, Kawasakis, Yamahas and Suzukis. Perfect matches for the non-existent Candy and Metallic Colors that make or break a restoration effort. These colors have been elusive as Candy paints are not that popular these days, but I've managed to get the most popular colors matched and I am offering them in a kit along with the proper base color and catalyst that creates the original look of the bikes. E-mail me for more information. The paint is Deltron PPG DBC. If you don't see your color listed below and have a good representative part, I can do the matching process and provide you with the paint. Please be aware that the only shipping option for paint is via FedEx ground. Unfortunately, that means no International shipping. You get all the necessary materials to use or give to your painter with the exception of the primer and reducer. I can also supply the black or white paint for stripes, as well as the reducer if requested.

Looks like he has a Mandarin Orange paint kit that matches a 1972 Yamaha JT-2 mini-enduro (see examples of his restorations here, here and here). Same year as the R5C, so it makes sense that the color would match up - looks like it could, looking at the photos from his restorations. Worth investigating!

Get in touch with Randy Marble via email here.

Hope that helps!

Parts of this article originally appeared earlier on this blog here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Giving up on R5 project

From Anthony, a reader of the blog:

The parts for sale are from a '72 Yamaha r5 350cc 2 stroke street bike. These were the precursor to the rd's. The main difference is that the r5's are 5 speed where the rd's are 6 speed and the r5's use piston port motors while the rd's use reed motors.

For sale is the frame, swingarm, center stand, footpegs and mounts as a package. I purchased this frame off of the previous owner with a lost title. He can furnish a bill of sale to myself. And I can furnish a bill of sale for the new buyer. Since this frame is older than '82 a paper trail is not needed when applying for a new title, but the bill of sale is always good to have. The vin stamping on the stem is clear and has never been tampered with. The frame is in excellent shape. Practically rust free. I am accepting all offers on the frame. Give me your best offer.

Also for sale is the engine. As stated earlier it is a 350cc, piston port, 5 speed, 2 stroke. The engine has been internally freshened rings etc. There is approx. 2 hours runtime since the freshen up. The engine will come with all accessories shown including:

- 2 right side covers, shifter lever, 1 partial side cover, airbox, wiring harness, both complete carbs, and charging system rectifier

Once again, I am accepting offers on the engine. Give me your best offer and we can make a deal.

See the Craigslist listing for more details.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recreating Dad's Bike

Kynan recently wrote in and was asking about the R5 for an interesting project he had in mind for a project bike:

My father had a R5 in 1972. He has spoke of it as one of the motorcycles he misses the most. I believe it was one of his first bikes. I found two pictures of him and the bike in one of my grandmothers photo albums. If I send you the images perhaps you can tell me what year, color, and any info on bike? I am wanting to build him an exact replica as a surprise. If I know some details I can find a bike to buy and restore. It will be a fun project. I have restored many bikes myself. I just don’t know a ton about the R5. Thank you for your time, I really enjoyed your blog!

After looking at the photos (above) and referring to this information:

1970 R5(A) - Metallic Purple/white
1971 R5B - Mandarin Orange/white
1972 R5C - Mandarin Orange/black

... we can pretty much determine that IF the R5 was stock, at least in terms of body panels and paint, then it must have been a 1971... Coincides with the "1971" that's penned in under the photos. (Here's an earlier post from this blog about determining the year of a bike, as well as a complete spec list.)

Anyways, this is turning out to be a very interesting story. I've asked Kynan to keep us posted about the build and to send photos when he can. More to come!