Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hello from Bermuda!

Chris Broadhurst wrote in this afternoon from Bermuda:

I like your R5. Also you have a very informative site.

Here's mine: Got it off eBay just like you. 5,000 miles - I paid $900. Think you did a little better - but she's in great shape huh?

Check out this beaut:

A very fine specimen indeed! Wonderful paint! And in Bermuda! Shucks, you are one lucky person! Thanks for sharing, Chris!

BTW, you can clearly see how Chris' R5 has the turnsignals mounted on the forks... this is how they were mounted on my bike, and I relocated them to the depressions on either side of the headlamps to make room for the clubman bars (see May 17th entry Relocating the front turnsignals below).

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