Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Puma Motorcycle Footwear

Puma, makers of all things hip for feet, have some pretty cool options for riders with their Brutale RR and 750 motorcycle boots:

Brutale RR (pictured above left) - With its motobike story PUMA sets a new benchmark in the world of motorsport footwear. Being a direct visual takedown of a specialist boot the Brutale RR reveals its heritage right away. Although a lifestyle product the boot offers enough soft protection to make you the coolest looking biker in town. $150.

750 (pictured above right) - Moto 1000 takes the next step with a '75 vintage racing collection. The 750 is a visual eye catcher. Full grain leather fingers on the medial forefoot are stylish and functional elements to highlight its motobike relation and to provide soft protection. Also available in Cactus Green. $150.


  1. This has to be the best (looking) series of motorcycle boots available combining style and safety. I just scored myself a pair of the Brutales and will be reviewing them soon on my blog (Return of the Cafe Racers). I was hoping for a pair of the Bonnevilles and they are designed with the Cafe Racer in mind but I can't find them available anywhere yet!

  2. Yo know I'm a fan of the Puma. Thanks Luis, I may hook myself up w/ a pair when I land a bike.

  3. I saw the Puma 750 at the Puma store. They do look great, but!!; always a but, they are specifically labeled "Not for Motorcycle use"....