Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shinohara RD/TZ

I have always been into the whole Yamaha streetbike-to-GP-racer conversions. I've even come across official Yamaha R5-TZ conversion instructions as well as some aftermarket conversions, but these were always for making the road bike race-ready. What I was looking for was a hybrid - all the look and grunt of a GP bike but without the full-faired body, and with all the lights necessary for a street-legal bike.

Well, take a look at the above. This guy solves the problem of a legally-lighted TZ by hiding small headlamps in the forks and tucking a small taillight in the bumpstop. At first glance it looks like a TZ with the front fairing removed. Bad ass... Click here for more images...

I have attempted rough machine translation on the page, and it says:
Comment of [yusuke]
Is concerning DX but…
It is no [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] TD3, (laughing)
Still, as for the place where the hand is inserted there is Sawayama, but
Slowly spending time, we would like to keep finishing.

 The core of the crank it puts out.
Around front
 For SR. It is heavy, being long, there is no [iitoko] is.
 ○ [ni] make.
 The front owner attached with being defeated, but
 You do not understand whether according to rumor, with with setting [ru] whether it has not come out.
 The extension above is bad, is.
Original back step
 The step position of TD3 was made in reference, but this position is a certain meaning training, (laughing)
 The electric rammer of the manufacturer, pivot.
 With the stepping motor, being accurate, it does the movement where the response is good.
Electric apparatus
 In addition to there is no light/write case, because you have supplied the battery in the seat cowl
 It recreated the harness entirely.


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