Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Interesting Yamahas

There have been a few interesting Yamahas featured on BikeEXIF the past few weeks:

Project Goldhead

This custom RD350 cafe racer is the work of Twinline Motorcycles. It's called "Project Goldhead" due to the rare (and ultra-slick) gold DG cylinder heads. Very sharp.

A good quote from this writeup:
In the early 70s, the Yamaha RD350 set the motorcycling world on fire. It was light, rapid and unforgiving: in the right hands, it could comfortably see off a 750. In the wrong hands, it was a one-way ticket to the hospital.

Howard Lees' RD350B

Another highly modified custom Yamaha, this time a street racer built up by Howard Lees. Just about everything's been worked, all the way down to the frame. A great period looker with a very interesting history.

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