Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Duplicate Keys?

Laura from Fishtown writes in:

Have you ever gone about getting an extra key made by anyone?

Good question... No I have not. Has anyone else had to go through the process?

I've been able to locate NOS keys cut to match the code listed on the original key (if you still have one) or from the ignition or steering lock:

- - sells NOS and blanks
- looking on Ebay finds bunch of people selling precut keys (for example)

Hope that helps. Anyone out there have any information or experience to share?

UPDATE: Andrew wrote in with this good suggestion:

Just stumbled across the site and saw your most recent post about lost keys, i think i may be able to help. A few months ago i ended up losing both the keys to my 75' xs650b which led me to frantically start searching for replacements or what i hoped wouldn't be the only option, a new ignition. I ended up coming across which is run by John Blakenship out of California. Send him a copy of your title, license, and the 4 digit code, which will typically be stamped right on top of the lock (very common on bikes of this vintage) and he'll send out as many copies as you want. I ordered two keys and had them shipped priority, total bill was $35, not bad and they work perfectly. He's an easy guy to deal with and very honest, a great example of the type of mom and pop approach thats rapidly disappearing.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Philip wrote in with this eBay link...


  1. Great site. Just aquired a 72 R5. It's more rust than motorcycle right now. I'm in the process of stripping it to bare frame for blasting and powder coating, then the real fun begins. I already have a question I hope somebody can help me with. While draining the crank case/trans. oil I ran across TWO plugs on the bottom. One was an obvious drain plug located on the right side. Obvious to ME anyway. The other was a plug, of sorts, with a spring and plunger in it located on the left side. I've looked all over and can not find that plug/spring/plunger shown anywhere. What is the function of this plug/spring/plunger? Anybody help me? Thanks,

  2. I KNEW I should have checked one more diagram. Who would have ever thunk that plunger thing-a-mabob would be part of the shifter. It's a, for lack of a better term, gear selector DETENT. Hope I didn't cause any hair pulling episodes. Thanks anyway.