Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Neil writes in

Neil wrote in to share:
Just picked up my R5 yesterday. 4418 miles. Shined her up today & took a short test drive. All good. Might change the handle bars in the near future. Your site has a wealth of info... Thanks. Neil


  1. Hi! I have same model R5. There is some mystical problem with it. When driving it starts nibbling after throttle is turned of. So when i push the throttle everything is ok, but when I turn it of bike will nibble (jerk, tug, fidget, nibble, twitch, pull at). What is the problem?

  2. Hi! I have similar R5. It has some mystical problem . When pushing the throttel everything is ok, but if I turn it of (when driving), the bike starts to jerk (tug, fidget, nibble, twitch, pull at)

    What could be wrong?