Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"I like your Yamaha site!"

Got some "fan mail" in my inbox this morning! Brock wrote in to share his story:

Yep, exactly that: your site has been extremely helpful in my quest for knowledge on the Yamaha 350! I recently had one *given* to me by a friend. It needs restored, it has been sitting for about 30 years. It is my first motorcycle, and I am enjoying working on it more and more every day. I'd just like to say thanks for all the helpful links on your site, and the cool, daily stories!

Funny how I've been hearing a lot of similar stories about these bikes. When it was at Mike's shop, many people remarked how this bike was their very first motorcycle, the one they cut their teeth on. It's my first as well. I bought mine from eBay (see first entry way down below) but it too had been sitting around for most of it's life. A number of scooter aficionados in my area have been looking into these bikes, as they are simple 2-strokes but a blast to ride, and many of them are finding them on the cheap, after lying dormant in some garage or backyard for the past two or three decades.

Anyways, thanks for the mail! The whole purpose of this site is to gather up as much information related to the R5 as I can find and put it up here in one central location. Keep checking back - now that the riding season is upon us, I should have much more to post...

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