Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fork Lock on a 1970 R5?

Laura writes in to say hello and ask this question about fork locks:

For one your web site is awesome!! I'm trying to figure out if all 70's have a steering lock key.. I keep looking but do not see one on my bike. And I guess I'm trying to find some shows to go to or put my bike in. 1970 yr5 1200 original miles immaculate condition.

I have an R5C, which is the 1972 model year, and unfortunately all of my manuals are 1972 or later (see links at right), so I'm not sure about the lock on the 1970 year. If your manual says you have one, then you just might... try looking here, on the fork under the left-hand end of the handlebar:

This comes from my original R5C rider's manual - download the whole thing here (26MB PDF). The instructions are confusing. Gotta love the typos, too...

Anyone know if these locks are found on 1970 models?

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