Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mike spies a deal...

HI Just found a 1971 350 rd its just about mint with 1,200 miles on it he wants 1,000.00 or best offer. Can you tell me what it’s worth. Thank you, mike.
Mike -

1971? It's an R5B, same model but a year older than mine... unlike the RDs there are no reed valves, it has a 5-speed transmission (unlike 6-speed RDs), and has a front drum brake (RDs got the front disc brake). If it has these things, then the bike may be newer, or has been updated with RD parts... check to see if the numbers match. For more info on model identification, see post titled R5 Model Identification (10/10/05).

Without really going over the bike in person (and not being an expert - heh) it's hard to say what it's worth... Some things to keep in mind - how original is everything, overall condition (which you say is mint, so good so far) and how it runs. You may be able to bargain a bit, but with that kind of low mileage and mint condition, I'd say $1k is a pretty fair price... anyone?

I say join the Yammy Stinker club - the more of these things on the road the better!

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